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Our colour palette includes more than 200 RAL colours. Simply choose your desired colour or combine it as you desire.

Our recommended colours are: RAL 9016 (traffic white), RAL 8003 (clay-brown), RAL 6005 (moss-green), RAL 9007 (light steel-glimmer), DB 703 (dark steel-glimmer), RAL 8001 (ochre-brown), RAL 8017 (chocolate brown), RAL 9006 (white aluminium), russet metallic.

Note: RAL 9007 and DB 703 are grey metallic colours.

Wood décor

Choose from more than 20 deceptively genuine wood decor variants. You do not have to paint again, but do not have to go without wood optics!

Farbfächer RAL Farben
Modell Freiburg, Holzdekor, Innenansicht