Company founded in 1999

G & Z aluminium systems Ltd was founded in March 1999 in Biberach. In the beginning we had to purchase additional aluminium profiles from a foreign system to manufacture our own railings and fences. Very soon we realised how limited we were by depending on the foreign systems. Therefore, we decided to develop our own aluminium system: known as G & Z aluminium system.


In the past few years the demand increased rapidly for stainless and low-maintenance aluminium. Therefore, we gradually expanded our system to aluminium swing-gates and self-supporting sliding- gates.  During time, we extended our spectrum with Screen-elements, as well as Floorboards and façade boards. The location Biberach became too small, despite several extensions and off-premises warehouses.

New Location

2009 we decided to move to the neighbouring Steinach. In 2010 we moved to the new constructed building including a production hall, administration area and a spacious indoor and outdoor exhibition area. G & Z aluminium systems Ltd, with over 40 employees, belong to the few German manufacturers, who offer a full range in this sector.


Part of our company philosophy is, to develop and provide new, innovative as well as practical ideas. We constantly work on inspiring our customers! Our recent project “flexible middle plate for swing-gates” will be released on the market during the year.