Powder coating

Our high-quality powder coating (GSB / Qualicoat standard) and the method specially adapted to the material, guarantee an excellent adhesion of the colour on our aluminium products. With us even in microstructure-surface FSM without additional price!

In contrast to conventional, smooth surfaces, the rough and impact-resistant FSM coating has the great advantage that the rain water pearls off and simply takes the dirt particles along. Your aluminium product is thus easy to clean and remains permanently beautiful!

In order to exclude later stress cracking, we of course coat all parts separately and not as a prefabricated element!

Since our small parts are also made of a special cast aluminium alloy and not of zinc cast, we also offer you maximum durability through perfect coordination of powder coating, pre-treatment and material composition!

Our products are therefore:

  • Exceptional colour-fast

  • Highly weatherproof

  • very robust and water resistant

  • environmentally friendly processed

  • easy to clean


Cleaning and care

Minimal effort - maximum pleasure!

Clean your product once or twice a year with a soft cloth and clear water (never with abrasives).