Raw material aluminium

Traditional & trend-setting

Aluminium is a light alloy, which is almost infinite available as a material in the world. Due to its many positive characteristics, it is a valued raw material in automotive engineering and in many other application areas. For instance, there are church roofs constructed out of aluminium which are several hundred years of age.

Innovative & advantageous

Aluminium is stainless (in comparison to galvanised steel and many other alloyed high-grade steel), is easy to process and builds a natural protective layer after production. The material is exceptional durable, extremely strong, enormously lasting in value and the recyclability is 100%.

Aluminium does not equal aluminium

The crucial factor is the quality of the raw material.

There are huge differences in the market, which can be located within alloying castings or within specific profile forms. Crucial is the pre-treatment of the surfaces of all profiles and small components to ensure a premium-quality end product.

To guarantee a maximum of stability and durability, we only process premium aluminium of highest standards (regards to all aluminium profiles and aluminium castings).